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order related inquires

Your tracking number will be added when your item is shipped out. Most orders placed before 2:00 PM CST will be added later on that same day. 

We email out gift card codes within 4-6 hours of purchase. 

The creature that is the "mailing system" is a mysterious one. Much like the question on whether or not intelligent life exists beyond our solar system. We sometimes simply do not have all of the answers but we will reach out to the post office on your behalf if your package has not updated in a few days. 

We ship out all preordered items on the day of the release by the end of the business day. 

Please view our map below. All items ship out of Chicago, IL. 

Shipping Map

Please go to our Contact Us page and we will look into the matter for you. 

Our systems only allow for one discount code or one gift card code per order and you cannot double dip. Our suggestion is to use the one that would save you more money. 

Currently what we have listed is the best offer we are going to take. 

international customer inquires

Yes! We currently ship to over 120 countries. 

  1. Afghanistan

  2. Australia (Priority Mail International only)

  3. Bhutan

  4. Brunei Darussalam

  5. Chad

  6. Cuba

  7. Lao People's Democratic Republic

  8. Libya

  9. Mongolia

  10. Papua New Guinea

  11. Russian Federation (due to conflict in the region)

  12. Samoa

  13. Solomon Islands

  14. South Sudan

  15. Syrian Arab Republic

  16. Timor-Leste

  17. Turkmenistan

  18. Ukraine (due to conflict in the region)

  19. Yemen

Canada & Mexico between 7-10 business days.

Europe & UK between 14-21 business days. 

Everywhere else 18-30+ days.

Many countries require that customers pay import duties or fees when they shop online from another country. There are typically order thresholds for this (i.e. orders over X amount are charged, orders under are not) but you'll need to check the Customs website for your country for the exact details.

When you are tracking your package, our tracking will show once the package has reached a Customs office. If it isn't released within a few days of getting to Customs, you should contact your Customs office to check and see if payment is required. Most of the time they will contact you directly, but not always!

This is normal as the process can be kind of lengthy. The average time is usually 2-4 days. If it exceeds two weeks in customs please Contact Us! 

Planes need fuel, and apparently Jet Fuel isn't cheap.

Returns & exchanges

We can take exchanges on clothing items if you need a different size. Please print out a Return/Exchange Form and follow the instructions. We will take care of everything else. Items that are not damaged or returned based upon buyers remorse may be subject to a restocking fee. If you need anymore help Contact Us!

Most refunds are processed within 48 hours after we receive the item back. 

Some of the strangest questions we have been asked...

Short answer.....no.

Unless you are willing to come pick up the item or live within 10 miles of our warehouse. It's is most likely not going to happen. Even overnight shipping at that point may be a lost cause. 

Yes??? But only if you have been good this year. 

All chocolate is gluten free. 

Yes......Yes you can. Much like you can drink from any cup with or without a straw. 

No......it is the same tumbler but shown at different angles so you can see the entire design better. 

We understand that accidents do happen but we do not offer extended warranties on our clothing and other products. If the item breaks due to a manufacturing defect then we will replace the item if it is within 20 days of purchase. 

Should we hate you?