Meet The team


Taylor gould

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Benes

Partner & Operations Manager Illinois Branch

Matthew Harcourt

CTO & Director of IT

Rebecca St. Pierre

Shift Supervisor & HR Manager

Joseph Martello

Partner & Operations Advisor California Branch

Evan Dunlap

Engineering & Mechanical Supervisor

Adam Marcus

Partner & Operations Advisor Indiana Branch

Jennifer Garcia

Chocolateer & Operations Advisor Arkansas Branch

Holly Taylor

Graphic Design Artist

Nicole Kurtovich

Content Editor & Business Consultant

What we are all about

We are a medium-sized business located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. We have been making apparel for the Chicagoland Area since 2009. In 2014 we expanded our business to include not only apparel, but Nerdy and Geeky Collectibles as well. In 2018 we started sponsoring streamers and doing what we can to give back to the gaming community. Everything is manufactured on-site and proudly made in the USA. People come to us, because we do not waver on quality. If we don't like it, it doesn't go out the door. Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority. Shipping to all 50 states and territories is free and orders go out same day with 1-3 day shipping depending on location.

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